5 invitations to watch TV on Joost

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We do it again. The last time, we had five invitations for Joost to give away. This time, it’s more, we can invite up to five people. Just drop a comment, bring an idea to enhance 21talks, the best 5 answers will receive an invitation.

For the record, Joost is a peer-to-peer TV video client that has been in close private beta for a while. Since its start, the company has inked some deals with Viacom, Warner Music, Endemol, or more recently with the Ministry of Sounds TV. We explained how it works in 15 points earlier and you can also watch the Joost TV commercial on YouTube.

Apr 6, 2007 | By Nuno

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  • #0 tupacsoul:
  • Hi, can you offer me an invitation for joost?

  • #1 tupacsoul:
  • Sorry, i didn’t give you an idea….
    I think you could give more color to the theme, it would be cool. The adds… there are confusion with the text, if you could put a border in the adds, would be better.
    For the comments, the place where you must click to comment, is confuse. I think that your blog (page) is very cool yec, but doing this things, could be better. Thanks!
    I wait your answer!

  • #2 Tupacsoul:
  • Hey, did you read my comments?

  • #3 Source:
  • Hi, i think that the joost concept it´s really great and the “TV of the future” and i really want to try it. about -21 talks- i lke the minimalistik look you give it, but may be some texture or a little color on your icons can do a lot, about the scrolling it’s a little confusing at first but i like it, and the google ads on the right side its to close to the text and it´s a little annoying. but i think that your reviews are good and go to the point.
    (sorry if i didn’t wrote somthing wright, i’m learning engllish)

  • #4 Phlavius:
  • I think the back and foward buttons are too smal … it’s realy confuse when you have many comments and need to go foward and back… the <- Next article with an arow pointing to left on the botton left side looks like a back button…
    why not change the arow color to green like all links.

    On the other side, i like the front Page… and sory for my bad english, i’m from Brasil .

  • #5 Nuno:
  • Guys, we forgot to mention that we’ll announce the winners on Wednesday this week. But, so far, all the comments made are great and very positive criticism. Thanks!

  • #6 Joost for buzz, tunes and now indie movies – 21talks (pingback):
  • […] We’re still have a couple of Joost invitations left to give […]

  • #7 Michael:
  • Tracking telecom industry in regards to the developing world provides a great service. Where is the next great invention going to come from? Skype was earth shattering in the way people communicated, but now there is even more coming to the internet communications spectrum. One of the most useful tools that I have found is the gTalk integration on gMail, as well as the gTalk widget for the google homepage. As web 2.0 increases, there should no longer be need for stand alone apps like skype. I think that 21talks should try to cover more of the webbased applications that have potential to better webbased communication, such as imbedded AJAX clients. On a side note in terms of format, I think you need to apply a more verticle schematic for your layout (comments and entry). The way it is now (horizontal scroll) is not very intuitive and I think it takes away from the content of the entry and makes finding comments more difficult. I hope my comments will qualify me for a joost invite, thanks alot!

  • #8 maarten:
  • I hope to get an invite for Joost.tv! a comment on the side will be that you might consider to make clear seperations between the different pieces of content your side delivers. For example: it was difficult to find the button to post a comment. make the site more user friendly!
    Hopefully this will help to develop your site and me gettinginto Joost.tv

  • #9 GLForce:
  • Well, here is the suggestion : I think the way the text is shown could get some work. I guess the site is made for mobile (that’s what I undertsood), so maybe the problem is only present on IE or Firefox navigators. I don’t really like the two columns thing, and I’d suggest only one column, wider. I don’t if this comment’ll help, but I sure hope it did. Thanks. And more thanks if I get an invitation (I’ll still like you anyway :) )

    Just in case, email : junkmarde@gmail.com

  • #10 horacio:
  • Could u plz send me one invitation to my email
    its horacioceramella@hotmail.com
    i m from argentina , cant be creative here

  • #11 Nuno:
  • Hi guys, the little competition gig has ended. Maarten, Michael, Phlavius, Source and Jack, each of you has won an invitation. Check your inbox for the email containing the invitation code. And to all readers who dropped a comment, thanks a lot and thanks to make this blog a better place.

  • #12 Filipe:
  • Hello , i would love to have a invitation for joost if you still have some :)

  • #13 banda:
  • it would be a great thing if i get an joost invt from u thanks

  • #14 marty:

  • #15 saulosweb:
  • Please send me an invitation saulosweb@gmail.com Thank

  • #16 geraldmun:
  • I would be much grateful if I get one
    Joost invitation.

    Thanks in advance!

  • #17 Nuno:
  • Sorry Geraldmun, there’s no invitation left. We’ll let you know when we have some more to give away.

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