Hullo: Free VoIP calls for the MySpace generation

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If you think Skype reached a milestone by freeing SkypeOut calls to any handsets in North America. But is Skype unbeatable? Not sure. Hullo, a new VoIP call service, bets on its free calls and the MySpace generation to disrupt the disrupter.

Its main advantage is to make free North American calls, from handsets and from PC, to any handsets and PC, whether or not callers are members or not. In short, the universal softphone.

“The company is focusing their launch on the college and high school crowd”, said Alec Saunders, who profiled the softphone and noted that the installer will pull down the .NET runtime. So be patient if you haven’t loaded it yet. After the beta period, Hullo business model will evolve to a mix of free and paid services.

Aug 22, 2006 | By Nuno

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