Futurology roundup: Write with your hand, listen with your skull

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You never know what your current talking/listening device will become in the future. That doesn’t prevent us from doing some prospective.

  • Fingertip keyboard. Forget your current writing/pointing devices. No more keyboard. No more mouse. Just your fingertips to write in the air, just like in the Minority Report movie.

The system, developed by Cassinelli, Perrin and Ishikawa, consists of “a smart rangefinder scanner that instead of continuously scanning over the full field of view, restricts its scanning area, on the basis of a real-time analysis of the backscattered signal, to a very narrow window precisely the size of the target.”

Although the finder usually follows your fingers, you can set it to capture the move of an ordinary object, a ball or a magic wand for example.

  • Bone-conduction headsets. Sounds vibrate the skull instead of the air to the inner ear. It won’t delight those who worried about skull cancer and cellphone radiation, but for hi-tech die-hard lovers, it’s the perfect companion that can bring sounds under the water. And yes, it’s already gone through the experimental stage, Engadget indicates a possible debut in Japan this summer.

Jul 3, 2006 | By Nuno

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  • #0 Lee Townsend:
  • When I climbed Sydney Harbour Bridge in March this year, the organisers were already using bone-conduction headsets.

  • #1 Nuno:
  • Lee, you’re right. We already saw another company adding bone-conduction headsets to their catalog. And this one works under the water, which makes the system a bit more special. But you’re right, one more time. The future isn’t that far.

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