Meraki, a mesh router provider, backed by Google

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Meraki Networks is a small company we spotted several times but never got a chance to talk about. The startup is providing low-cost WiFi routers, based on the MIT’s Roofnet Project, an experimental 802.11b/g mesh network in development at MIT to provide broadband Internet access to users in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Meraki is getting bigger. Google and a handful of VC poured money in it, under $1 million, unveiled GigaOM. But Google has entered into a vendor/contractor of the company, and is interested to use them in San Fransisco. In that case, the citywide WiFi network could get completed by grassroots resident efforts by setting their Meraki mesh routers. And in the same time, Fon, the open source WiFi network, is touting San Fransisco citizens by giving away its social router.

Dec 2, 2006 | By Nuno

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