Gizmo Call: just fine for a VoIP web-based client

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No post last day. We caught a little cold in the afternoon working in the yard, sunny afternoon with a temperature under zero. 2007 is supposed to be the hottest year in the decade, but shows no sign so far.

Although the head was sick, hands were conscious enough to test the new Gizmo Call, the web-based Internet telephony dished up by SIPphone. Two remarks:

  1. The plugin shares the same audio quality than the Gizmo Project standalone version, which to us, doesn’t equal the Skype one but is higher than the standard.

  2. It seems that the counter of the 10 free minutes given each day doesn’t work. We did a small chat of 12 minutes and weren’t asked to pay for the extra minutes of airtime. So you should use it until SIPphone updates their service. But the site doesn’t work today.

Jan 31, 2007 | By Nuno

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