Fon comes to Googleland

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Fon comes to Googleland. Fon, the wireless network set by individuals, comes to San Fransisco, where’s Google deploys its WiFi playground. Fon coming in with its “Freedom Friday”, giving away its Fonera, its little bi-signal WiFi router that costs $5 in normal time. Google promising a WiFi network free to all residents, but still struggles to deploy it all over the metro area.

Another challenge for Google? A death match? Not really. It’s quite the opposite. Google has invested in Fon earlier this year. Amount had been undisclosed, though. But we guess Google is very keen on this company, as Skype, which also funded Fon, is interested in providing VoIP calls to over a million Foneros.

Just like YouTube and Google Video, Google likes to run two projects in the same field, said Martin Varsavsky. And “in the end, what’s best for Google and for all internet users who love WiFi is that, at least, one or possibly both formulas succeed.

And his last scenario might be very possible. The situation looks more like Fon will be providing another layer for San Fransisco residents to access the Internet, or extending Google citywide WiFi by replicating the wireless signal. Bringing up a mesh network based on the Google WiFi network would be very plausible. Usually, the Fon WiFi router is used by people who already have a broadband access. With some tricks, they won’t even need this. And it might be possible for isolated surrounding to catch some Google WiFi signals. And eventually, monetize it.

Oct 27, 2006 | By Nuno

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