Music rehearsals at the Skype era: eJamming

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We have seen many use of VoIP for learning foreign languages, for video editing, but not yet for music rehearsal. The gap is now filled by eJamming, which makes a software enables musicians to practice music together.

Previously, the application only supports instruments that ouput in the MIDI format (you know, the not-that-great format used by karaoke machines.) But at the Demo 2007, eJamming is announcing a service available for all instruments, Rafe Needleman reported.

The service of course can be used to chat. But conversations would come very neat as the eJamming software takes advantage of some peer-to-peer technologies and a specific audio processor to transmit high quality audio. A huge drawback remains, though. “Even with a fast connection, Glueckman and Kantor [eJamming founders] don’t recommend the service for people separated by more than a few hundred miles.”

Jan 31, 2007 | By Nuno

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  • #0 Michael Cerda:
  • As a musician that has tried to hold bands together over long distance relationships, I can say that conceptually, this whole thing is bitchin. Being a networking guy though, I’m skeptical.

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