eBay and Google to promote click-to-call worldwide

Big time for Google and eBay. Both companies agreed on an international advertising plan to promote eBay/Skype brands, but also implement the much buzzed but never deployed ‘Click-to-call’ ads. The NY Times today runs a write-up on the announcement.

The move mostly favors eBay. It contains Google plans on the Google Base ‘auction’ system, keeps Paypal away from Google CheckOut assault, uses Google power (which is very hype outside the States) to regain some financial interests, and might find some better plans for Skype.

On the other hand, Russel Shaw, journalist at ZDNet and blogger, sees in the announcement a cease and desist letter from Google on VoIP market.

What this deal tells me not so much between the lines, is that by working up this deal with Skype, Google is signalling relatively modest plans for Google Talk.

We agree. ‘Inch Allah‘. Even with three new features, Google Talk seems to be put under cruise control. It relies solely on word of mouth adoption, but keeps listening to its fan base to find out some niche features (the voicemail transmitted to GMail for example).

But we wonder why Yahoo hasn’t come yet with such an advertising plan with eBay. After all, both of them inked a deal last May to cross promote their click-to-call features. Does this mean Yahoo is going to be dwarfed again? Does this mean Yahoo Ad platform isn’t that ready? Readers, what’s your take?

Aug 28, 2006 | By Nuno

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