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Alternative marketing isn’t for Digg. The site outed one of its top-rated users, Karim Yergaliyev, confirming the rumor reported by some blogs, including the Jason Calacanis’ blog. The 19-year-old was found guilty for submitting a story about JetNumbers, a phone company that offered to compensate him. JetNumbers provides virtual local phone numbers in more than 30 countries.

Muhammad Saleem, one of the bloggers who broke the story, reported that “Karim tried to submit the url to Digg but found that, perhaps because Tony and I (among other bloggers) had already written about the email and Jet Numbers, the url to the site was banned by Digg.”

“Karim sent an email back to Nathan first telling him that his url was banned, then asking him why the url would be banned (perhaps a somewhat naive question). Where Karim faltered (as Digg would later point out) is when he suggested that Nathan use some url redirection site to get Jet Numbers submitted to Digg.”

The ban would last until Yergaliyev acknowledges the infraction and apologized for the action. He will most certainly be given back his privileges, and JetNumbers has finally got its expected traffic boost.

Dec 19, 2006 | By Nuno

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