Dallas will have its broadband train

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The Trinity Railway Express announced it will be offering a broadband in-train network for early summer 2007. About 5,000 daily passengers would be able to access the Net on a train that runs up to 63 mp/h (around 100 km/h). The railroad links Fort Worth, Dallas and DFW International Airport, totalizing 36 miles (72 km).

Nortel and Colubris Networks will provide equipment for what is expected to be “the first end-to-end broadband wireless service offered by a major U.S. public railway”. According to the Nortel’s press release, each train will see 10 Mbps connectivity using Nortel’s Municipal Wireless Solution — which incorporates wireless mesh, WiMAX and optical technologies.

Plans also include a range of information and entertainment services, like breaking news and sports, local advertising and other video content, all of this presented on 27-inch LCD screens. No prices have been set yet.

Mar 7, 2007 | By Nuno

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