Blyk: A free-minutes-for-ads program for Europe young mobile users

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New (‘disruptive’) ideas usually come from Scandinavian countries when it comes to telecommunications. Skype, RebTel, to tell a few, and now Blyk, a soon to debut MVNO, that will provide free mobile calls.

There’s a catch of course. Ads.

The Finnish company, cofounded by a former Nokia president, will target the ‘MySpace generation’ and bring them to watch ad by rewarding them with free minutes of mobile communications. The program will start in the UK at first, and then available to Europe.

At some points, Blyk could be considered as the European answer to Virgin ‘Sugar Mama’ program, the ad-for-minutes program, rolled out before this summer and available to the US. Or to a lesser point, something like SGoope.

Sofinnova Partners, a venture capital based in Paris, is said to back Blyk up to $38 million. We’re still wondering if that investment will allow Blyk to dish up their own cellphones. But here’s one suggestion: Blyk could make some banners/text links available to MySpace members. Each time someone clicks on them, the space owner, which would be a Blyk customer, would get redeemed by some free minutes. So no need for them to watch ads and viral spread.

Nov 6, 2006 | By Nuno

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