Bittorrent goes mobile

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This will make Hollywood nervous again.

A British college student claims to bring out what could be considered as the first Bittorrent client for cellphones. The software, called WizBit, relies on the Bram Cohen “hellish” creation and uses 3G network to transfer big files via mobile phones.

David Hulbert, the project developer, warns that the current WizBit “is an unfinished version and will not fully work yet.” But he double-crosses finger to get the first major release done by July 7, 2006.

Should Hollywood have to worry? No, at least not now. It would be horribly expensive to use the cellphone to download ‘Da Vinci Code‘ for instance. And still unaffordable for everyone to get an episode of ‘24‘ by this way.

For geeks, the code is written in Python for Nokia, so only Symbian-enabled could launch the application. Up to now, only Nokia S60 could run it. Nokia 7610 and N80 should come later. Note that it is the very same Nokia S60 model that was used by run an Apache web server. Is it the upcoming Swiss knife of mobile hackers?

UPDATE: If you are uncertain about your Nokia capacity to run the Python application, you can check it out on this Python for Nokia list. Thanks for your comment, cyke64.

(via Nokia s60 blog)

May 22, 2006 | By Nuno

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  • #0 cyke64:
  • “Up to now, only Nokia S60 could run it. Nokia 7610 and N80 should come later.”

    False :-) Nokia 7610 is a Symbian S60 2nd Ed phone ! Then you can run Python on it !
    N80 is a 3rd Ed phone it can’t run Python :-( But soon a new version would come (announced for 2006 Q2)
    Look at my site for finding all phones supporting NOW Python for S60 !

  • #1 Nuno Bastei:
  • Sorry if it was falsely written. I meant the S60 could run the application right now. The Nokia 7610 and N80 are both on the roadmap. According to the developer, dedicated versions should come up later.

    By the way, did you get WizBit run?

  • #2 (trackback):
  • BitTorrent chega aos telemveis…

    Quem utiliza a rede P2P BitTorrent j pode puxar ficheiros a partir do telemvel….

  • #3 Dave:
  • Thanks for the link! The code on my site only connects to the trackers very basically. You cannot actually download files yet. The code there is just for interested Python developers.

    To clear things up:

    S60 is a platform which many Nokia phones are based on, inluding the 7610 and N80. As cyke64 said, the 7610 is v2 and the N80 is v3. WizBit needs Python to run, which is available for v2 now and will be for v3 soon.


  • #4 Nuno Bastei:
  • Thanks for the precisions, Dave. Even if I won’t use it to download a whole movie, I wonder how long it could take to get one on its mobile phone. Have you tried it yet?

  • #5 BitTorrent on your mobile phone » techgurls!!! (pingback):
  • […] Other related entries about Wizbit: BitTorrent client on S60? Bittorrent goes mobile […]

  • #6 Siftah:
  • With the Wireless LAN on the N80 you could use that to download files via BitTorrent without incurring bandwidth charges.

    Handy to download editions of your favourite TV program straight to your phone for watching on the Bus/Train/Plane etc.

  • #7 N80:
  • When is this going to be released? I thought a beta release was due straight after Dave’s presentation or something? Surely that was over a month ago?

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