Pimp your Asterisk VoIP server into a jukebox

Asterisk telephone system is open source, thus free and hackable. And among its powerful enhancing tools, there’s the Asterisk Jukebox.

Basically, the virtual jukebox allows callers to browse an audio collection with their phone. The kind of cheap system that an independent music label could be used to promote their artists. Call this number and discover what our release album, you get the picture. And as the audio quality is slightly worse than with a MP3 downloaded from the Net, people are even more enticed to buy the album (just Magnatune music label does).

But there’s more to come. Asterisk Jukebox can bundle the Festival speech synthesis system, and thus generate text to speech messages. A great feature to turn an Asterisk VoIP system into an RSS audio reader, or news voice bot to people on their landline phones or mobile phones. Download the tool from here.

Aug 21, 2006 | By Nuno

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