Apple iPhone to flop?

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Apple iPods were considerably successful. But Apple iPhone might not. CNet editor Michael Kanellos goes against forecasts of tech consultancies.

“Unfortunately for Apple, problems like that don’t exist in the handset business. Cell phones aren’t clunky, inadequate devices. Instead, they are pretty good. Really good. […] Apple, in other words, won’t be competing against rather doltish, unstylish companies like the old Compaq. The handset companies move pretty quick and put out new models every few weeks.”

To come to this, he relies on the recent description of the iPhone, a $250 cellphone with a slide-out keyboard and a 4GB or 8GB hard drive. If Apple just does this, the phone might fail.

But the iPod design was only a piece of the equation. The other piece is iTunes and its impressive (at that time) catalog of songs available for just $1. While Apple is working on the iPhone design, they must have also worked on its uses. Will users be able to make IP telephony? Will they receive programs of broadcast channels? Maybe, not many rumors were focused on the iPhone functionalities and associated contents. But if they exists, and prove to be unique, the iPhone might create new consumer uses of a cellphone. And this will anchor the iPhone in their life.

Dec 7, 2006 | By Nuno

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  • #0 urbanslaughter:
  • Not sure I agree with this. I want a device that is an iPod first and a phone second. Sort of like the iPod WITH video, I’d like an iPod WITH phoning capability.

  • #1 Nuno:
  • So in this case, the iPhone is going to rock. There’s no multimedia player doing this, and there’s no iPod with cellphone capability right now.

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