2007 predictions for mobile VoIP

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It’s becoming a truism; Instant messengers and IP telephony over mobile phones will be two hot trends in 2007. Looking deeper in those technologies, mobile Web expert Rudy De Waele a series of hints about the future business models.

  • Flat fees will become more affordable bit by bit.
  • Thus, more user-generated content will become available to the phone; opening the way for mobile users to start using new web/mobile 2.0 services on their phones, such as podcasting, RSS feeds, more user-generated content to upload and use.
  • Big Media Youth Networks going mobile – MySpace, YouTube, MTV and many more players will resolutely go mobile; allowing users to upload pictures, videos and create/consume content straight from their mobile phones. And to share with friends (including mobile forwarding functionality).
  • Mobile search – the big players will start positioning seriously in the mobile market (watch out for deals with carriers/operators and device manufacturers)
  • Mobile ads – the market is growing at a rapid pace (just watch AdMob’s ad views ticker box daily)
  • QR codes will start to enter retail markets.
  • Mobile image recognition will pop up in mixed marketing campaigns.
  • Cell Phone memory card swapping – to exchange music/video files.

Read the rest of the predictions posted by ReadWriteWeb.

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