Times Warner agrees to be a “Fonero”

The first big contract for Fon in the USA.

Fon WiFi router gets a signal booster

Get ready to blanket your whole neighborhood.

BT launches an all-in-one VoIP offer to small business

Plans include free VoIP calls to UK landlines.

Using the Fonera to build a phishing portal

A Spanish developer tells how to mimic the WiFi router authentication process.

Fon and Meraki WiFi providers to interoperate?

We're complementary networks, said Fon's CEO.

Fon raised $13 million to face its rising rivals

More money to feed Fon's R&D appetite.

Dallas will have its broadband train

Write emails and navigate on the Web all along 72 km of railroad.

Meraki to start its own San Fransisco WiFi network

Another alternative to the always delayed Google/Earthlink WiFi citywide network.

Stats show the US is adopting WiFi, but not dual-mode phones

WiFi adoption is increasing, but the US falls behind for dual-mode phones.

The RIAA against open WiFi hotspots — and Fon

The RIAA doesn't like to hear the word 'open'.

The future WiMax: Data transfer at 1 gigabits per second

The IEEE is working on a new standard to transfer data at 1gigabits per second

A new strategy for Vonage, possibly a new name

Vonage could become a mobile virtual network operator.

If you’re a newbie cellphone operator in Japan, drop voice services

The new cellphone operator eMobile bets only on data-only services.

Truphone adds Google Talk compatibility

Truphone now supports Google Talk and extends its list of available cellphone models.

Low-cost WiFi router maker Meraki grabbed $5 million

Some expansion ahead.

The iPhone might become the AT&T Unity symbol

AT&T might use the iPhone for its fixed-mobile convergence strategy.

Fon hooked up with British Telecom

Fon has closed a deal with the major telco in the UK.

Spyke, the talkative WiFi robot

Kids will learn WiFi and VoIP technologies can be fun.

Whisher, WiFi sharing, a la Fon

Whisher follows the Fon business model and shares its dreams.

Boeing, unlucky with wireless in-flight systems

Boeing won't deliver its new airplane model with wireless in-flight system.

Stoke funded, more mobile/WiFi convergence to come

By expanding its business activities, Stoke might speed the convergence between cellphone and domestic phones.

Forecast: In 5 years, $20 will be enough to buy a cellphone

Open source cellphones are going to be your everyday phones.

FritzBox and VoIP routers: Unsecured

Alerted, VoIP device manufacturer AVM hasn't upgraded its products yet.

Just one more step before the next generation of WiFi

The IEEE has approved the second step of three of the 802.11n WiFi standard.

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